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Shane Stickley



Quick Start


1.0 hours

4-Week Class

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Kathy Toon

Shane Stickley

Tue - Wed - Thurs

Jr Clinic

Ages 8-18


1.5 hours

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On-Going Clinic

Skip Redondo

Nicole Havlicek

Tue - Wed - Thurs

High Performance


2.5 hours

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Kathy Toon



Quick Start


1 hour

4-Week Class

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   Jr After School Tennis Clinic
   This program is designed for the junior who has played regularly for more than one year and demonstrates strong fundamentals.
   This program reinforces the stroke fundamentals and ABC’s built in the H.I.T.S. Quick Start Class. In addition, players are introduced to
   different grips, spins, tactics and strategy. Player's use a combination of orange, green dot and yellow balls. Each session is 1.5 hours.

   Jr H.I.T.S. -  A Quick Start Class
    This 4-week class covers all the basic swing paths - groundstrokes, volleys and serves. Upon completion of the H.I.T.S -
    Quick Start Class students may be e
ligible to join the Junior After School clinics. 

    H.I.T.S. (Honesty, Inspiration, Teamwork and Sportsmanship) is new 4-week program for kids 10 and under that teaches not only the
    fundamentals of tennis, but also focuses on  growing a child’s core values and life skills. The program is set up to properly handle the
    younger age range of the participants. The use of “right-sized” equipment —
    in regards to weight, length, speed and size — allows young players to learn and play more effectively.

   Buy Your “Digital Punch Card” Today
    Juniors have the flexibility to attend as many level specific clinics per week as they choose by purchasing a digital punch card. 
    A “pass” allows entry to one class and packs of passes or digital punch cards are available for purchase for maximum savings.

    If you're ready to buy a pass or a punch card and enroll in a clinic, please click here create or sign in to your account to proceed.