Oakland Hills Tennis Club Hours

Monday - Friday:  6:00 am to 10:00 pm
Saturdays & Sundays:  8:00 am to 8:00 pm


5th Bridge Night 7pm
10th Ladies Night 7pm
19th Men's Night 7pm
Thursday's Every Thursday Morning is Ladies Day
Tuesday's Every Tuesday Night is Tuesday Night League

President's Message

If you've never been to Indian Wells to see the tennis tournament in March, be sure to put it on your bucket list. Eileen and I were there March 7, 8 & 9 for the qualifying matches and really enjoyed ourselves. The facilities have to rank as among the best on earth; Larry Ellison has done an outstanding job. One perk I'm not aware of anywhere else, the first two days of qualifying matches are free - can you believe it! We especially like the qualifying matches to see first hand who the up and comers are.

Kathy Toon is still at Indian Wells as I write this article. Perhaps she will have more to add when she returns.
Upon my return, I brought back a nasty cold that has me bed ridden for the past 4 days. Getting better slowly, but I have two eyes that look like crimson marbles - even my wife doesn't want to date me in this state. Unfortunately, it looks like Yulia is victim to a similar fate; just got an email from her stating she has been away from the club for the past two days with a virus/cold. Hope the rest of you are OK.

Court resurfacing is scheduled for April and it looks like the weather is cooperating. As soon as I get back into the office I'll be checking with the contractor. Watch for a blast from Michelle announcing these repairs, it's a necessity that affects operations every 5 to 7 years. And, as promised, Court 1 will be transformed to 4 Pickle Ball courts, adding a new element to our sporting format. Nice thing is, if Pickle Ball doesn't meet expectations, we can always go back to tennis lines.

Please drive very slowly in the parking lot and ramps, people have almost been hit by aggressive drivers. As you know, there are many blind spots and you may just save yourself from a devastating accident by simply slowing down.

Oakland Hills Tennis Club, Inc.
Jim Thompson, President

Rose Ann Kase 

On Wednesday April 5th at 7pm join fellow members for a few games of Chicago Style Bridge and some wonderful snacks.

Ladies' Night 
Tomiko Hawkins

Join the ladies on Wednesday evening, April 10th at 7pm for some mid-week tennis and some tidbits in the lounge.

Men's Night
Ron Iriyama

Come play fun tennis on Wednesday evening, April March 19th at 7pm.  Snacks and beer provided afterward in the lounge.


Tomiko Hawkins, Director

Our Family Tennis Festival will take place on April 9th from 1-3pm. All families are invited to join in the fun and games! Please check the newsletter for more information.
Let the Competition BEGIN!!! We are excited to bring to you International Day on April 29th. This is a fun time for tennis players to pick a team, represent a country from around the world and feast on delicious cuisine made by members of the respective teams. Sign Ups will be posted at our Social Corner. Look for more information around the club and if you would like to play, email me at: social@oakland
Our Next club wide event is Mexicali Night!! Stay tuned for more information!!
Remember, during the months of June, July, and August 2016, there will be a no host bar every Friday of by the pool. Relax and enjoy.
Lastly, don't forget that Ladies Night and Men's Night are two great opportunities to come out and play tennis with other members, while also enjoying the food and wine afterwards.
Look for all 2017 social events elsewhere in the newsletter and at the SOCIAL CORNER near the front entrance of the club. Events are also streamed on our monitors throughout the club!! You do not want to miss out on the social events that interests you. We look forward to seeing you.


April 29 International Day
June 17 Mexicali Night
July 4 July 4th Swim Races
September 16 Mystery by the Bay
October 22 Halloween Party
November 11 Fall Wine Tasting
December 3 Santa Arrives
December 9 Holiday Party

During the months of June, July and August, come and enjoy a no host beer and wine bar and music by the pool.

International Day
Come out and represent a country! Pick one team to play tennis on and bring a food or drink from that team on April 29. Potluck and free! A good time to be had by all!


Hours are:
Monday through Sunday 9 am to 2 pm
Monday through Thursday 4 pm to 7 pm
Two hour maximum and $1 per hour per child.

Online Login

Now you can go to our website  and see your statements!  It is quite simple.  Go to member log in, using your membership number you may create an account and log in.  After you log in you may view your statements, change your payment type (checking account or new credit card), make a payment, change your address, phone or other information.  In the fall we intend to begin emailing statements and the newsletter (please update your email address on line), and, eventually, on line booking (also will be available through our app – Oakland Hills) of massage, courts, etc.  Very exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oakland Hills App

Oakland Hills Tennis Club has an app! Through our free app (Oakland Hills) you can view our group fitness , massage, social events, kids programming, aquatics or personal training schedule.You may download the FREE app through the Apple App store or go to Google Play. Come check us out!!!


Hello OHTC family!
The winter season is over and the Spring session has arrived! The winter season was great with lots of new faces in the water. I am very optimistic that spring will continue to bring new faces and will build upon the success of the winter season.

Private lessons are available by appointment. If you need to schedule a private, please email me with the time and date you would like to get started. This is a great way to have children get acclimated to the water and start learning the strokes. I can also teach adults and have a lot of experience with that as well. So if you haven't learned to swim, or want to improve your strokes please don't hesitate to reach out! Private lessons are $40 for members for each 30 min of private instruction.

The Spring session starts Monday April 3rd and will end Thursday May 25th. Swim Team will run Tuesday through Thursday. The Beginner group will have practices from 3:45 to 4:30 and the Intermediate & Advanced groups will have practices from 4:30 to 5:30. The cost of the session will be $200 for members or $225 for non members.

Along with swim team and swim lessons, we still have our Aqua Fit classes that run M, W, F and Sun mornings. We have fantastic instructors for Aqua Fit and it is totally FREE for Members. If you have even the slightest interest, I implore you to go out and check a class out. I am sure you will find it to be a positive fun experience worth your time.

There will also be a Lifeguard certification class that is on Saturday & Sunday April 8th & 9th. The cost for members is $200. You need to be 15 and a half years of age to be able to take the class. This is a great opportunity for high school and college kids to have a job in the summer as I am always looking for lifeguards.
As the Aquatics Director, it is always a pleasure to meet more of you and it helps with building a stronger aquatics program. If any of you have any questions, comments, or concerns please don't hesitate to reach out to me via email, phone, or just come in to the office and ask!

Michael Cobarrubias

Fitness Facts
Yulia Wynn, Director

Dear Members,

The hot summer months are almost here! If you feel that you are still unprepared for beautiful weather, shorts, skirts, bikinis and summer holidays, this is the best time to start paying a little attention to yourself! Put away your baggy clothes and find out how to get in shape for summer fast and easy by joining our 6-weeks Weight Loss Program ‘’Drop It Like it’s Hot’’ starting on Saturday, April 15th! By joining this program you will learn universal laws of weight loss, which simply cannot be ignored or replaced if you want to succeed, and why simplistic solutions like ‘’eat less and exercise more’’ almost always end up in frustration and diet failure! It's simple, fast, and effective! The average weight loss during the first week is 5-10 pounds! Our previous attendees have lost up to 40 pounds and still loosing!

Program’s Details:

·        The program is 6-weeks and it runs like a competition

·        Expect to lose between 10 and 25 pounds!

·        Nutritional plans vary each week and include a low carb plan, fasting, and basal metabolic rate approach

·        Prizes awarded on percentage of weight lost not pounds lost to be fair to larger vs. smaller participants

·        Top prize for a male and female winners

·        The program includes weekly Saturday morning meetings at 10:30 AM and weigh-ins, nutritional information, personal and group motivation

·        The program also encourages better use of the club! We will talk how to work more exercise into your schedule without overwhelming it, and also help make your existing workouts more productive!!!

·        Daily accountability by text, e-mails and a Facebook group

·        Entrance fee is only $125 for members and $150 for non-members.

·        All previous attendees has a special offer: only $99 for all of the above!

Sounds interesting? Have more questions? Please, e-mail Yulia at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can sign up at the front desk in person or by e-mailing directly to Yulia.

In health,                                                                                                                 

Group Fitness
Dear Members,

Happy April!
If you always wanted to learn how to dance but either didn't have a partner or felt awkward about joining dance classes-now it's the time! I am thrilled to announce that on Saturday, Aprl 22nd Carah Herring, one of our instructors, will be leading a Line Dancing Workshop from 12:30 to 2 PM! She's taught dance for over 15 years across the nation and is currently a member of Oakland's own Chocolate Platinum Soul Line Dance Crew. Line dancing is a fun way to dance socially without a partner. People often line dance at wedding receptions, family reunions, birthday parties and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. In this special workshop, you'll learn and practice some of the most common line dances out: The Wobble, The Cupid Shuffle, The Macarena, The Cha Cha Slide, The Electric Slide and more. Instead of being a wallflower, you'll be "in the know" at your next social gathering. Come out and exercise your body AND mind!! Please, sign up at the front desk for the price only $15 for members and $30 for non-members.

I also would like to invite everybody to another informative workshop ''The Gluteals and Their Link to Low Back Pain'' on Saturday, April 29th. Over 95% of adults will experience low-back pain at some time in their life. For many, the length and strength of the gluteal musculature can be a contributing factor and the reason that the back pain persists. In this workshop, we will identify shortness and weakness through Pilates movements and then use those movements to build muscle balance. Please, sign up the front desk or simply e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In health,


Kathy Toon, Tennis Director

Hopefully we do not need "April Showers" to bring "May Flowers!" Though we've had a lot of starts and stops with our tennis programs this year, we persevere. The tennis department continues to work hard to provide something for everyone. Check out the offerings below and join us on the courts.
PickleBall Update
Court one now features 4 Pickleball courts. We are working out the logistical details and will get the word out soon!
Practice! Practice! Practice!
Join one of our clinics – they are great way to work on specific parts of your game. Here's our clinic schedule – remember to enroll each time you'd like to come so I can staff things accordingly.





 Start Time:

 Kathy Toon


 Adv Beginner



 Kathy Toon





 Skip Redondo





 Kathy Toon





 Nicole Havlicek





Summer Camps @ OHTC
June 12-16 Tennis & Games
June 19-23 Tennis & Games
June 26-30 Sport & Games
July 3-7 Tennis & Games
July 10-14 Tennis & Games
July 17-21 Tennis & Games
July 24-28 Sport & Games
July 31-4 High School Tennis
August 7-11 Tennis & Games
Morning Only: 9:00am - Noon
$355/week OHTC Members
$375/week Non-Members
2 Sessions: 9-Noon & 1-4pm
$495/week OHTC Members
$545/week Non-Members
Supervised Lunch between sessions
Register Today:
April Tennis Events
4th Get Your Game Face On Seminar
7th Pro Hosted "Fools" Mixer
9th Family Fun Tennis Festival
10th Ladies Night
11th Wilson Demo Day
19th Men's Night
29th Gen-X Mixer
TBA Beginning Pickleball Clinic
We have a lot going on this month. Hope to see you on the courts soon.

Rally On! Kathy 


Tennis Corner
The USTA 18 and older leagues are underway as of April 1st through June 18th 2017. Oakland Hills again will have excellent representation with four teams competing in the USTA Norcal Section Eighteen and older Leagues. Players who interested in joining a team, can do so any time during the local league season if they contact the captains directly or get a message to them through club management.

Not everyone has registered, but their may still be room on all the rosters. Each of the teams ideally should have at least 16 players on their rosters, because every match, 8 players are needed to play 2 singles positions and 3 doubles positions. Matches are player either at home at OHTC, or visiting other clubs and public parks.

Deb Leland will head up the combined OHTC/Chabot Women's 4.5 Eighteen and older team, with the help of her co-captain and OHTC Tennis Director, Kathy Toon. For the Women's 3.5 Eighteen and older team, Sandy Solis and Holly Kernan will provide the leadership for another fun season. The Men's 3.5 Eighteen and older team has Vic Brochard leading the way for the 10 match regular season, and will be looking for help which a few more players to join. Memo Loyola has put together an excellent group of Oakland Hills players for the Men's 4.0 Eighteen and older team.
Please come out or stop by at our home matches to enjoy some fun competition as our fellow members take on players from other teams
See you on the Tennis Courts!
Massage Messages

Dear Members,
Did you know that massage therapy is a growing branch of alternative medicine, and the demand for massage therapists is growing as the population ages and seeks out a variety of medical treatments?

Our skin (the body's largest sensory organ) is what helps us distinguish between a pleasant touch and an unpleasant pinch or burn. These sensations are carried to the brain by sensory neurons that have their nerve endings in the skin – but only a handful of these neurons have been identified, mostly those that detect painful stimuli. Now scientists are learning how to identify the neurons that react to pleasurable stimuli – like massage. There are plenty of things about the allied health field of massage therapy that you may not know. Here a few of them.

Massage Therapy Offers More Than Relaxation
Sure, plenty of people rely on massage therapy to relax, but the 80 different kinds of massage that manipulate soft tissue are also used to increase the flow of blood and oxygen, decrease pain, and increase flexibility. People with low back pain, cancer, heart bypass surgery, anxiety, migraines, high blood pressure, and carpal tunnel syndrome have found massage therapy especially effective.

Foot Massage May Ease Cancer Symptoms
Reflexology, a type of specialized foot massage, has been found to help cancer patients manage their symptoms and perform daily tasks, according to a recent study. The idea behind reflexology is that stimulating certain points on the feet can improve the function of corresponding organs and glands – it's the foot-body connection.

Massage Has a Cumulative Effect
If one massage is good for you, a dozen are even better. The benefits of massage accumulate over the long term, and can be responsible for increasing a person's range of motion, bolstering the immune system, and providing an improved sense of well-being. People who have few or no physical issues and simply want to relax can benefit from once-a-month massages. Other people may have problems that can benefit from daily or weekly massage.
Please, stop at the front desk or simply call the club to make an appointment with one of our massage therapists.
In health,

Welcome New Members
Richard and Toshinda Richardson; Victoria Jones and Calvin Synigal; Katina and Loren Little; Darel Greene and Freda Stadom

Membership Referral
Thank you to the following members for referring a new member:
Bernida Reagan

Returning Members
Carlos and Dominica Solomon; Michael Hyatt and Ellen Doren; Aaron and Kyla Pessl


Couples Training
Spice up your training with a loved one or a friend! Contact your personal trainer for more information!

Please contact Michelle in the office if you are interested in having a pool party. 510-531-3300x14

Join us on April 29 for a fun day of tennis!

Join Carah Herring on Saturday, April 22 from 12:30-2:00 pm for our line dancing clinic. $15 members/$30 non

Join Michael on April 8 & 9 to get certified as a life guard.  You must be 15 ½ to be certified.  Great summer job!

Privacy Policy

The club values your membership and your right to privacy. However, by the very nature of our business, we need to share information with others, particularly when forming rosters, teams or programs. We collect information about you that we understand you may consider private or confidential. This information may be contained in applications and other forms you submit to us. Therefore, we are providing you with this notice to explain our policies for collecting, using and sharing this information with others.
Our Privacy Principals
The club will protect all non-public personal information we collect from our members.
The club will contractually require any person or organization providing products or services to members on our behalf to protect the confidentiality of this information.
The club affords former members the same protections as existing members with respect to the use and sharing of their information.
The club will only permit authorized employees, who are trained in the proper handling of this information, to have access to it.
Information We May Collect
The club collects and uses information it believes is necessary to administer our business and provide you with the services you request. We may collect and maintain several types of information needed for these purposes, such as those stated below:
Information the club receives on applications for credit or other financial services, such as your name, address, telephone number, Social Security number, USTA number and other identifying information.
The club has information about your transactions with us, including your payment and credit history.
Information Disclosure to Non-Affiliated Entities
The club shares information with Independent Contractors who provide us services, such as Bankers, Accountants, Lawyers, Tennis Professionals, Food Vendors, Trainers, Instructors, etc, only as permitted by law and only when relevant. We also share information member to member, particularly when forming teams, with club rosters, with the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and USTANORCAL, its local affiliate.
When Will We Notify You
Our Privacy Policy will be published once a year. You will receive this notice as long as your membership is active. If you cancel your membership, we will continue to follow our Privacy Policy, but you will not receive future notices from the club.
Changes in Privacy Policy
Over time, it may be necessary to modify or supplement our Privacy Policy. If the club makes material changes, it will provide our current membership with revised notices that describe our new Policy and any new procedures that apply to them.
Your Choice to Share Information
If you choose, the club will not share any information we collect. If you prefer that we not share any information, notify us in writing detailing the information you don't want the club to share. Mail this information to:

Oakland Hills Tennis Club, Inc.
5475 Redwood Rd.
Oakland, CA 94619
If you have any questions, please feel free to call the club at